Developing psychological tests

psychTestR is an R package for designing and conducting computerised behavioural experiments. It was designed with the following specification in mind:

  1. It is open-source, meaning that psychTestR experiments can be freely distributed and used by anyone.
  2. Experiments can be hosted locally without requiring an external server.
  3. The same experiments can be deployed online without any recoding.
  4. psychTestR paradigms can be easily distributed in R packages, and combined in a modular fashion to create arbitrarily long test batteries.
  5. psychTestR provides access to the full computational tools of R, making it well-suited for complex procedures such as computerised adaptive testing.
  6. psychTestR fully supports internationalisation, making it easy to generalise the same paradigm to multiple languages.

Full documentation can be found at the psychTestR website.

Peter M. C. Harrison
Postdoctoral researcher

I am a computational cognitive scientist interested in statistical cognition, auditory perception, and music.